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What makes Elierih technologies different and unique is our diverse experience and team of employees, partners, and volunteers that span from wide range of IT skills:

For all our services provided, we are equipped but not limited to the following;

Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud
Cyber Security
Artificial Intelligence
Big Data
Help Desk
Business Analyst
Graphic Design
ETL Tools and developers
Scrum and Agile Transformation
Data Analytics and Modernization
Loan Processor and Underwriter
Cloud Engineers and Solution Architect
System Monitoring

(Datadog, Splunk, Guardium etc)


( Python, java, Jason, .net etc )

Operating systems

(Unix, Linux, Windows etc)

Code repository

(git, github, bitbucket etc)

Traditional database platforms

(sql server, Oracle, Postgress, Mysql etc)

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