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Candidate Vetting and Interviews

Excellent Vetting Services

We specialize in vetting candidates and preparing them for interviews. Most businesses face challenges today, not because they have an inadequate number of employees, but because they recruited people who are unable to perform according to their full potential. The truth is that without a proper vetting process for employment, most businesses will likely choose candidates that are an unfit match thereby costing businesses both time and money.

Hiring the right candidates is crucial for the success of businesses

Elierih is however committed to helping businesses hire the right candidates that are a perfect fit for their assigned roles. With an experienced team of human resource professionals, we are one of the best when it comes to vetting candidates for the roles they can conveniently handle.

Vetting activities

We vet candidates throughout the different stages of the hiring process from the application stage right down to interviews. Our goal is obviously to match businesses with the right talents that can help them achieve desirable growth within a specific timeframe. Our vetting activities, therefore, include but are not limited to;

  • Identifying candidates that can be a perfect match to specific companies;
  • Evaluating the candidates to determine if they have the core competencies to handle specific positions;
  • Helping the candidates to create a detailed resume that clearly states their skills, core competencies and abilities, so we can accurately predict their future performances;
  • Verifying the degrees of candidates;
  • Doing a background check to find out if the candidates have any criminal records;
  • Checking references; preferably people who have either worked closely or closely interacted with the candidates;
  • Preparing the candidates for interviews.

The following factors account for our excellent candidate vetting services:

An experienced human resource team

We have an experienced human resource team with vast knowledge of everything about employee recruitment and retention across different sectors such as marketing, IT, management, finance, accounting and business administration. Rest assured these experts are the best people to vet you and prepare you for job interviews.

High rates of success

Our company has a very high track record of success. We are extremely proud of the fact that at least 90% of all the candidates we have vetted got recruited and are excelling well in their positions.


We are relatively more expensive than other firms offering candidate vetting and interview services.

Our candidate vetting process at Elierih is geared toward avoiding embarrassments and unpleasant situations between candidates and recruiting companies.

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